A really, really late post about the fading past

I just realized that I owed these memories of mine a proper post. hahahaha.

So some time ago (to be exact, more than 2 months ago), my Mum and I walked down a part of Chinatown. We started our journey from Outram Park MRT after my doctor’s appointment and pretty much aimlessly wandered away.


And after walking for a bit, we saw this small stall selling some kuih and drinks from large tubs like these. These last time I saw something like that was probably when I was in Primary 3. Nowadays, canteens and eateries use electrical dispensers.


And then further up, there was a ice-cream cart so I was forced to abandon my pineapple drink from the last stop for more sugar HAHA. I only took a picture of their menu because it contains uncommon flavours not usually found in other ice-cream carts. We found out that they also slightly ‘modified’ their ice-cream, or so they claimed. The uncle thought it’d be nice to mix in biscuit bits into the attap seed flavour and it was OH SO GOOD.

Around the cart, they also hung perky handmade ornaments. In case you have no idea what these are, they are sandwich ice-creams, one block of  frozen delight between two marvelous wafer crisps. *mouth waters*


These are just some shots that I took on the way… And we reached 1 Park Road


My mum told me that this had some medical effect, but not that she really believed in taking Chinese medicine over Western medicine.


It’s not everyday in Singapore that you see a street sign with Chinese characters on it (unless you work/ stay/ pass by Eu Tong Sen St everyday. Then that’s… different.)

As I was taking one of the longest walks in that month, I started to feel that I understood what people meant when they say Singapore has grown by leaps and bounds these few years. Just 10 years back, the sky consisted more clouds and blue and the air was clearer. Now everywhere I go, I see construction sites with seemingly no deadlines to meet. Just imagine how much this little island has changed in the last 30 years.

As I walked, I kept snapping pictures of buildings and roads, albeit three quarters of them being so blur and unfocused that I couldn’t even make sense out of them afterwards. My mum called me a “suaku tourist” but I thought, since I would be becoming a tourist soon, why not practice? (I needa stop procrastinating writing about my Hong Kong trip…)

And at last, we reached some random bus stop. Thankfully there was a bus there that brought us to our next destination. I felt so accomplished after that long walk HAHA.


I didn’t take a picture of it, but there was an MRT station opposite our bus stop as it read “Clarke Quay”, so I guessed we walked QUITE far afterall 😀



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