Contact Lens Tryout

This morning I woke up early to try fitting those pieces of silicon onto my eyes again. The last time I went to Disneyland with them they pretty much came out at the 8th hour. Maybe twas due to the really dry weather.

They really do make my eyes seem slightly wider! I’m only wearing 14.2mm. Imagine how funny it’ll be if I travel to AFA next week with only a contact in my left eye HAHA.

(It’s about one week away ~~~)



The one on the right dropped out at about 2pm because my eyes were too dry. I had been sitting in a fully air-conditioned room for at least an hour before it decided to go on a strike by popping out. I spent the next few minutes in class watching it shrink and the edges crumple. Luckily, I managed to revive it with contact lens eye drop. Haha!

If I remember correctly, I put these in at about 9am?


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