Confusing Genderbends

Just a minute ago, I started browsing through this thread recruiting vocaloid cosplayers for some events. 

And because imagination has, to some extent, no limits, every character has his/her own genderbend. Even a pair of brother-sister twins. 

So in the thread there was a picture of the female twin, “kagamine rin”, and then her male counterpart, “kagamine rinto”. At first I assumed this was a spelling error, since rin’s brother is called Len.

But no, I scrolled down a little and saw a picture of ‘Kagamine Len” and HIS female counterpart. Honestly, all four of them look like the same character, only with slightly altered hairstyles and costumes. 

As I continued scrolling down the thread, the genderbends became really, really confusing and pretty much annoying, especially how the names were slightly altered. And then I see a picture of SeeU, the most recent vocaloid with a Korean voicebank, or so I’ve heard. Her genderbend? “USee.” *slaps forehead*


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