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Excel’s so Greek to me

While my other peers are troubling over adobe photoshop and illustrator, my course requires me to master Microsoft Excel. And because the advanced formulas are totally beyond me, I have been manually highlighting each cell and multiplying them together. I have about 20 values to go.

And maybe what they’re trying to teach us aren’t even considered advanced. While I am spending about 30 seconds on each value, my group mate’s going, “I’ve gotta vLookup this. See! *clicks* Oh yes, I forgot to absolute value it.”

How I wish my computer had voice command that worked on Excel.


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Nobody’s really studying here.

Location: School’s internet cafe in the library.

Honestly, the only reason why I’m here instead of the other parts of this humongous library is because I can eat openly without getting caught. 

As I’m waiting for the latest episode of Medaka Box to finish streaming, I come to the realization that nobody’s really studying here.

Just about a few minutes ago, I was feeling guilty about streaming videos instead of studying, especially after I saw a couple with piles of papers on their table. But not anymore, because I doubt they’re really studying anyway.

“…this is complicated, I’m skipping this. Oh, and this involved binomials, too troublesome, not gonna do this either.” I wonder if they’ve been doing this for the whole lot of paper they’ve got.



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The dangers of 5 minute videos

I’ve literally been telling myself this line since 40 minutes ago.


“Just… one more… episode…”


Can you blame me, really? Hetalia’s so interesting.

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Confusing Genderbends

Just a minute ago, I started browsing through this thread recruiting vocaloid cosplayers for some events. 

And because imagination has, to some extent, no limits, every character has his/her own genderbend. Even a pair of brother-sister twins. 

So in the thread there was a picture of the female twin, “kagamine rin”, and then her male counterpart, “kagamine rinto”. At first I assumed this was a spelling error, since rin’s brother is called Len.

But no, I scrolled down a little and saw a picture of ‘Kagamine Len” and HIS female counterpart. Honestly, all four of them look like the same character, only with slightly altered hairstyles and costumes. 

As I continued scrolling down the thread, the genderbends became really, really confusing and pretty much annoying, especially how the names were slightly altered. And then I see a picture of SeeU, the most recent vocaloid with a Korean voicebank, or so I’ve heard. Her genderbend? “USee.” *slaps forehead*

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The Awkward Moment

In Japanese class where you can slightly understand the teacher but no words of the same language come out of your mouth. Every time she attempts to speed up her sentence, I’m lost already. All of a sudden I wonder, “what have I gotten myself into again?”


Thank God I didn’t sign up for Korean or Spanish or any other classes.

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