The usefulness of french baguettes

As usual, I was browsing through youtube and this particular video popped up in my feed. The thumbnail image was more than enough to make me click on it.

The video is a scene from one of my favourite anime, Gintama. If you have watched it, good for you. But if you haven’t, the series provides a good mixture of serious and comedic situations and features a range of characters with colourful personalities. The video in the post (the same one that I clicked on) is an excellent extract from their many comedic sequences.

Here’s a brief explanation of what’s going on: so apparently, the buff guy in yellow briefs was hired as a substitute for one of the group’s participants, who was fatally injured at the start of a competition. In this scene, it shows the usefulness of french baguettes, other than for normal consumption.

HAHA how I love this series ❤





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