Ginga Bishoujo

I’ve got this slight obsession for long coats, especially those that are designed to flow in the wind while its wearer parades around. Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten close to wearing something like that, neither do I think I will get to drape one on my shoulders because almost nobody wear such coats locally, where the weather is constantly screaming at you to wear light clothing.

This fetish has actually led me to get hooked on an anime series: “Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto”. If you’d kindly go google for images, you’ll understand why I actually started watching the series, though mecha genres aren’t really my type.

But to be totally honest, my interest in the show was only perked when I watched a video on cosplay chess, which included cameos of a really stunning cosplay of Takuto in his costume (above). The snapshot above is a  scene that happens EVERY episode; Takuto will do a male version of a magical girl transformation, bundled with exaggerated moves and catchy taglines. Then sometimes there will be a shot of him after his episodic battle, with his coat billowing in the wind. In all honesty, though it seemed like a lot of effort was put into animating that scene alone and the results were worthy, I grew sick of it soon after the sixth episode. Imagine spending about one minute per episode rewatching the same animation.


As I was remembering and trying to pick out all the small details of the series from my hazy memory, I had the sudden idea of doing a Takuto genderbend.  HAHA. Sometimes I have many of such fleeting ideas that I forget over time, which tend to frustrate me since it’s an indication of my bad memory. In case I ever won the lottery or if anyone actually chances upon this post, here’s my idea of the genderbend costume.

-long red hair with blonde fringe extension. Might look more feminine if ends are curled.

-similar signature coat, gloves and bib

-white shorts instead of pants.( i was weighing between the choices of skirt or shorts, but I thought that shorts look more chic hahaha)

-red tights and golden-laced and rimmed boots that end just above the ankle instead of long stiff boots in the original

-smaller star swords



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