I’ve lost my grip

A few days ago I was skeptical about going to CC’s DG outing, because they’d changed it from an Amazing Race to a bowling game and barbecue. I’ve never really been a fan of devouring ‘smoky-flavoured’ food and my previous attempt at bowling didn’t… go too well. Still, something in my mind convinced me to attend the outing, even though twas raining when I woke up and my room had the atmosphere of a island resort room.

Result? I came home really late, with greasy hair, strongly odored clothes and a strained right arm. Up til now, the area between palm and elbow feels strange and I seemed to have slightly lost my grip on items. I cannot totally curl my right fingers inwards without feeling a sore stretch on my arm.

Still, I cannot imagine me not attending the event, even if I had a premonition about my right shoulder or elbow joint dislocating. That little strain I got was definitely worth getting to know more about other CC members and having a wonderful fellowship with them over barbecue, which lasted far longer than what was stated on the event page. Though not many were there, but the few people who attended were already enough to make yesterday SUPER memorable.


“If you drink water, there’s a 100% chance you’ll die.”

*senior gives convinced face*

so memorable.





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