The power of voice actors

After watching anime for quite some time, I’ve managed to distinguish some of the more common voice actors already. It  gets really easy after a while, especially if the voices are pretty unique. I was watching episode 9 of Arcana Famiglia, and all of a sudden I exclaimed,


after hearing young Mondo’s voice. And it resulted in the rest of the scene becoming anti-climatic.

And since I’m already making references to Gintama: I bought an Ichiban Kuji poster of Sougo as Bakaiser yesterday. It’s a poster of him sitting on his throne and shining in his evil glory. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Don’t think I’ll be unrolling it anytime soon though. It was the only item I found that was worth buying at NP’s convention yesterday.

And I forgot to remind my friend about her camera, so I haven’t taken shots of my Saber nendo yet. Oh dear.




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